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Hi everyone! here a selection of t-shirts from the old Zero Shop!!



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TREPANERINGSRITUALEN (Suecia) – Death Industrial/ Ritual Ambient

Trepaneringsritualen explora la religión, la magia y los reinos ocultos de la consciencia, basando sus composiciones en las sonoridades clásicas del death industrial y el ambient ritual. Rítmico, contundente y asfixiante, Trepaneringsritualen evoca visiones sombrías del fin de los tiempos.

Ha publicado en sellos como Hanson, RTB, La Esencia, Small Doses y Autarkeia y su trabajo «Perfection and Permanence» publicado en Cold Spring le ha encumbrado a lo más alto del género a nivel mundial.

Tras la gira con Destroyer 666 y Bölzer, Trepaneringsritualen vuelve después de 2 años a Barcelona.

UMBRAGE (A Coruña) – Industrial/ Noise

Sombras urbanas. Futuro distópico. Nihilismo. Deconstrucción. Decepción. Muerte. Este es el tapiz que tejen las abrasivas sonoridades de Umbrage. La banda sonora de un mundo en decadencia.

Tras su exitosa actuación en el festival Bestiarie Assembly VOL. 2, Umbrage actuarán por primera vez en Barcelona.

DE·TA·US·TO·AS (Barcelona) – Ritual Ambient/ Death Industrial

Derviches de la carne y danzas de la muerte. DE·TA·US·TO·AS definen su sonido en densos pasajes ritualísticos y frenéticos ritmos tribales acompañados de voces corrosivas.

Como anfitriones de la velada, presentarán por primera vez en directo su trabajo «Plunging Four Knives» y un adelanto del nuevo vinilo que verá la luz a lo largo de este año .

Funeral Mantra () – Funeral Dark Ambient

Ambient ritualístico funerario en estado puro. Con sólo dos lanzamientos a sus espaldas en Triangulum Ignis y Fall of Nature, Funeral Mantra son uno de los proyectos más interesantes y auténticos del género.

Por primera vez en directo, este hermético proyecto es el que realizará el ritual de apertura.


Anticipada númerada y con nombre del asistente personalizado a mano – 15 euros. Escríbenos a indicando número de entradas y nombres de los asistentes.

En puerta – 18 euros, únicamente disponibles desde el momento de apertura de puertas hasta que de inicio el ritual.

Para este evento, el aforo está estrictamente limitado a 100 asistentes.

Avinguda de la Fabregada 91, 08901 Hospitalet de Llobregat




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If you’re feeling undecided, if you don’t know where you are
then let your soul be guided as you gaze upon…


gather and bathe in the starlight
to nourish your body and mind
be dazed and be dazzled by our light
and the heavenly pleasures you find

On stage:

Joe Black (UK)
Exquisitely grotesque and melodically demonic; a dark star shining on a perverted planet

Sasha Flexy (UK)
Impossibly lithe and fiendishly flexy; you will bend to her will as she twists for your pleasure

Bald With Balls (Sweden)
Insanely entertaining and endearingly insane; your world will never be the same once you’ve entered his

Krzysztof Leon (Poland)
Fearless, careless but never knowingly painless; art meets madness on the road to oblivion

Domina Lola (Greece)
Beware this feisty temptress; although bathed in celestial glory, her bark is as fierce as her bite.

Miss B-havin’ (dark diamonds/schaltzentrale)
Fabrice Noir (noirbizarre)
Blake (noirbizarre)

For further information:

Doors: 22:00 h
Shows will start at 23:00 h

Tickets: 37 CHF (+ presale fee)
Ticketino presale:

Explore your imagination and challenge reality.
Use the power of divination to choose your transformation.
Pick your card! THE SUN, Strength, Bateleur, High Priestess, Emperor, Empress, Pope, Hierophant, Charity, Justice, Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Fool, Maison Dieu, Star, Moon, Sun, Judgement, World,… MAGICK !!!
and then…aleister crowley, rubber, fetish, sex clowns, weimar berlin, the golden age of decadence, venus in furs, boudoir, gothic, depraved dreams, militia, black magic, 1920’s, 1930’s, fate….

General rules:
Full Fantasy Fetish Costumes Only! No Cheesy & Cheap Fancy Dresses! Absolutely NO street wear! No Sneakers!

The decision of the door bitch is final! No exceptions!

Enforced dress code: the management reserves the right to refuse entry!


For ADULTS only !!!

Congress for Curious People 2014

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El Congress for Curious People Barcelona 2014 es una semana cultural dedicada a la Barcelona más insólita. Del 26 de febrero al 2 de marzo –en pleno Carnaval- contaremos con una espléndida programación: itinerarios culturales, conferencias, cenas y fiestas exclusivas.

La primera edición del Congress en España es una coproducción del Morbid Anatomy MuseumVIA Barcelona y Kriminal Kabarett. El Morbid Anatomy Museum es una sociedad de Nueva York dedicada al estudio del arte y la cultura y su relación con la medicina y la muerte, que ha producido el Congress en Coney Island desde 2011.VIA Barcelona organiza tours especiales e itinerarios culturales en Barcelona explorando sobretodo su cara más insólita.Kriminal Kabarett es un colectivo de artistas afincado en Barcelona que pretende revivir episodios célebres de la historia del cabaret con un espíritu de transgresión, esteticismo y crítica social.

Dj Dr MiguelAngel at DIJ and SF concert DK

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The Black Cat proudly presents:

(feat. Miro Snejdr)

DJ: DrMiguelAngel (SP)

It is almost a new tradition for us! To have Douglas P. and the mighty DEATH IN JUNE paying us a visit in december. And in 2013, we are of course very happy to have DEATH IN JUNE back in Copenhagen.

This time will be a little different from the previous times, as Douglas P. will bring slovakian piano player Miro Snejdr with him. Miro Snejdr is known for his contribution to the «Peaceful Snow» album, as well as his lounge covers of DEATH IN JUNE classics at the «Lounge Corps» album.

DEATH IN JUNE is considered to be the godfathers of the neofolk/apocalyptic folk genre. Having released such classics as «But, What Ends When The Symbol Shatter», «Rose Clouds Of Holocaust», «The Wall Of Sacrifice», «Nada!» etc., they have been major inspirations on a lot of the goth, industrial, neofolk and experimental bands nowadays. Even mainstream electro-pop act Ladytron have covered their classic «Little Black Angel».

Opening act this night will be SPIRITUAL FRONT from Italy, who is also a very wellknown act within the dark scene. The band is fronted by Simone Salvatori, who have descriped their music as «nihilist suicide pop». The music can also be described as a mixture of melancholic folk, rock and neoclassical. The performance this night will be a solo performance of Simone Salvatori.

The concert will be a more intimate experience than the two previous years, as it will be held on Copenhagen classic underground venue STENGADE

Darkwood / Wappenbund / Stormfâgel – Sonorites Obscures 10th Anniversary

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Darkwood (DE)

Fusing acoustic instruments like guitar or violin with some more electronic and experimental sounds, Darkwood can be considered as a major band of today’s neo-folk scene. Alternating lyrics in English and German, Darkwood covers topics as diverse as the influence of particular events or extreme situations on the psyche or the fate of the individual, the pain of war, love for our homeland and forgotten beauty of tradition and nature.


Stormfågel (SE)

Stormfågel spread its wings for the first time in the autumn of 2004. This after its father and creator Andreas Neidhardt had been away from music for a couple of years but now felt that something had to happen. After participating in several (less successful) Neofolk and Gothic bands since the early 90s he now rolled up his sleeves and went to work. In February of 2005 Stormfågel released a 3-track demo named «Kinder der Vergangenheiten, Helden aus den grauen Zeiten» and was immediately signed by Swedish record label Cold Meat Industry. During the making of their debut album vocalist Éva Mag joined Stormfågel. In the autumn of 2005 «Den nalkande stormen» (cmi 149) saw the light of day. In the spring of 2007 Stormfågel released their second album: «Ett berg av fasa» (cmi 171). In december 2007 Éva Mag decided to leave Stormfågel. During the fall of 2009 Stormfågel decided to leave CMI and joined the Austrian label Steinklang. Stormfågels third album «Eldvakt» (Sk51) was released in April 2010. Finally the last album Dödsvals arrived in June 2012 and is definitely more Martial/Suicide-Pop.


Wappenbund (DE)

Martial industrial project founded by german musician Sven Bussler in March 1999. Wappenbund is the musical continuation of his previous project Ophir, and often includes collaborations with various other artists. Wappenbund plays a harsh epic music of bombastic martial drumming and neo-classical melodies, often accompanied by Sven’s distorted vocals.

Leather Kamikaze Korset / Giger Version

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MILITARIA NACHT! Derniere Volonte live in Suiza

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– Military pop / synth-wave – Paris

Lady BonBon (neo-burlesque) & DJ Kaiser Noir
– Cabaret revival – Barcelona
+ Surprise birthday show by Ramzesa Eros

+ SoNo residents DJ Antz vs she-DJ Petroushka

Les Citrons Masqués, Yverdon-les-Bains (CH)


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Sturm Promotions presenta el «Dark Christmas Festival» con
Ordo Rosarius Equiibrio (Apocalyptic Pop desde Suecia)
Dive (Bélgica)

El Sábado 15 de Diciembre en la sala Apolo 2 de Barcelona.

Más info en:

“cum, join and witness for yourself, the orgies of roses and equilibrium. two is company, three is an orgy, and four hands please better than two”

Dj Dr MiguelAngel at Tunnel Rock Club

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